Best answer: What economic and political challenges did Latin America countries face during the Cold War?

How did the Cold War effect Latin America?

The Cold War proved a gruesome time for Latin Americans. In the four decades that followed the overthrow of the constitutional government of President Jacobo Arbenz in 1954 over 200,000 Guatemalans perished in political violence.

What Latin American countries were affected by the Cold War?

Since there was a huge connection, today’s lesson will be devoted to Latin America during the Cold War. It will specifically highlight the countries of Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Cuba. Because this is such a huge amount of information to cover in one lesson, we’ll go for breadth rather than depth.

What struggles have influenced Latin American economies and governments?

Poor roads, lack of railroads, thick jungle and mountains made communication, transportation, and national unity difficult. There was also conflicts between the catholic church’s power and Latin America. It was an issue that started with a conflict between church and state.

What occurred in Chile and Latin America as a result of the Cold War quizlet?

What occurred in Chile and Latin-America as a result of the Cold War? … Coups and a corrupt military began its reign on the Chilean people; concentration camps, imprisonment without trial, and execution became the new norm for Chile. It resulted in a decrease in Chilean people, as they fled from an unloving country.

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What weapons were used during the Cold War?

Pages in category “Infantry weapons of the Cold War”

  • AA-52 machine gun.
  • MAC-58.
  • AK-47.
  • AK-63.
  • AK-74.
  • AKM.
  • ALFA M44.
  • AMD-65.

Why did the US get involved with Latin America?

They believed that it was their destiny to expand their territory and spread their beliefs across the world. The United States viewed Latin America as a savage place that needed saving. Americans believed that they were helping people. … The United States viewed itself as the sole power in the Western Hemisphere.

How has the US involvement in Latin America affected the region?

How has U.S. involvement in Latin America both helped and hurt the region? Benefited through the OAS – democracy, economic cooperation, human rights. Hurt through military interference, conflict with various countries in order stop spread communism. … It impacts the dominant leader of a country (Juan Peron).

What are the effects of the Latin American independence movements?

The effects of the independence movement includes , the end of nearly all colonial rule, new countries were established, upper class remained in control of wealth and power, slavery ended, plantation system was kept in many places, a strong class system remained present.

What were the causes and effects of Latin American independence movements in the nineteenth century?

The causes of the Latin American revolutions included the inspiration from the French and American revolution, Napoleon’s conquest of Spain triggered revolts, injustices and repression (committed by royal officials) Political and military jobs controlled by Peninsulares, Peninsulares and Creoles controlled wealth,

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