Can you lose Colombian citizenship?

How do I get rid of my Colombian citizenship?

According to Law 43 of 1993, regulated by Decree 1869 of 1994 and amended by Law 962 of 2005, Colombian citizens shall have the right to renounce their nationality. To this end, the individual must file a written request before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Colombian Consulates abroad.

Can Colombian citizens have dual citizenship?

Colombia allows dual citizenship, so you do not need to renounce your current citizenship to become a Colombian citizen. Colombia’s policy of jus soli – or “right of the soil” – means that children you give birth to while in Colombia will obtain Colombia citizenship at birth.

Can I leave the US with my Colombian passport?

You should not enter or exit the U.S. with your Colombian or other passport. Can I renew my passport before the expiration date? Yes. You may renew your passport at any time.

Can you have three citizenships in Colombia?

For example, if a couple made of an American citizen and an Italian citizen had a child in Colombia, that child could legally have triple nationality. Also, for example, you can be a Venezuelan-Colombian citizen (hundreds of thousands of people are) and acquire a Montenegrin passport by investment.

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How many citizenships can a Colombian have?

Colombia permits dual citizenship. The Constitution provides that Colombian nationality is not lost when a citizen acquires another nationality. Those who renounce Colombian citizenship may reacquire it later.

What race is a Colombian person?

Most of the population (over 86 percent) is either mestizo (having both Amerindian and white ancestry) or white. People of African (10.4 percent) and indigenous or Amerindian (over 3.4 percent) origin make up the rest of the Colombian population.

How long can a US citizen live in Colombia?

U.S. citizens do not need a Colombian visa for a tourist or business stay of 90 days or less or for cumulative stays of 180 days or less per calendar year. Before your 90-day stay expires, you may request an extension of up to 90 additional days from the Colombian immigration authority (Migración Colombia).

How can an American become a Colombian citizen?

Nationality by naturalization

  1. one year of residence for nationals by birth of a Latin American or a Caribbean country;
  2. two years’ residence for nationals by birth of Spain;
  3. two years’ residence for a person married to a Colombian national or parent of child holding, or eligible for, Colombian nationality;

Can an American move to Colombia?

People who want to live and work in Colombia must acquire a cedula extranjera. Among ways you can qualify for a work or residency visa are: Qualifying as a long-term holder of a temporary visa. Some temporary visas can turn into permanent visas if the holder has them for a continuous period of five years.

Can US citizen enter US without passport?

American citizens entering the U.S. must show a valid passport, U.S. passport card, a Trusted Traveler Program card (NEXUS, SENTRI, Global Entry or FAST), or an enhanced driver’s license. … A passport is not required.

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Where can I travel with Colombian passport?

Colombian citizens can travel to 99 visa free countries

  • Venezuela. Visa Free. 3 months • …
  • Ecuador. Visa Free. 3 months • …
  • Curacao. Visa Free. …
  • Aruba. Visa Free. …
  • Panama. Visa Free. …
  • Trinidad and Tobago. Visa Free. …
  • Guyana. Visa Free. …
  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Visa Free.