Does Claro work in Colombia?

What carrier works in Colombia?

Colombians love their cell phones, and in urban areas almost everyone has at least one. The three major providers are Claro (, Movistar ( and Tigo ( Claro has the best nationwide coverage, though all networks now have competitive data and call packages.

What is the best mobile network in Colombia?

Since Claro is the largest mobile provider with the best national coverage and about 48 percent of people in Colombia use Claro, it remains the best choice for most foreigners.

Can you get a SIM card in Colombia?

You can get your Colombia sim card almost anywhere from the airport to cities. There are phone kiosks and local shops willing to sell an Colombia prepaid sim card. Just make sure that you present your foreign passport. The main operators in Colombia are Claro, Movistar and Togi Une.

Does WhatsApp work in Colombia?

In 2019, WhatsApp was the most popular instant messaging app among mobile users in Colombia. According to the survey, 78 percent of the 16 to 45 year old respondents stated that they used the app on a daily basis. Facebook Messenger ranked second, with a 52 percent daily usage rate among Colombian smartphone users.

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Can I use my phone in Colombia?

If your unlocked cell phone has GSM 850 and 1900 bands it should work in Colombia. A CDMA phone will not work in Colombia. In the US, both Verizon and Sprint use CDMA. … If you bring an unlocked phone to any of the Claro, Movistar or Tigo stores they can install a SIM and configure the phone.

Can I send an Iphone to Colombia?

Cellphones will only be permitted as courier if the invoice contains the EMEI number (limit 1 cellphone per shipment). … Cellphone or Tablet model must be approved for use in Colombia. List of approved models can be found at:

Do AT&T phones work in Colombia?

AT&T does offer international roaming packages that can be used while in Colombia.

How do I register my IMEI in Colombia?

Registering: To find your IMEI code you can either contact your provider or dial *#06# on your phone. Using this number, you must then register your mobile phone directly with your provider or using the MinTIC website, where users can follow the instructions to register.

How do I check my Claro Colombia balance?

How to check your Claro balance

  1. Text “ACTIVAR” to 852 63.
  2. Enter *103# followed by the send button.
  3. Visit the Claro website.

How do I check my Claro balance?

You can check the balance dialing *555# you’ll get an SMS with the balance.

What is international SIM?


Carry a Matrix International SIM Card and enjoy local call rates for the country you are travelling to. Stay in touch with friends, family and business with our International SIM Cards when traveling abroad for business or leisure.

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