How did Inca build rope bridges?

Who invented rope suspension bridges?

NIHF Inductee John Roebling Invented the Suspension Bridge.

Who built bridges made of rope to cross gorges?

WASHINGTON, DC — Each June in Huinchiri, Peru, four Quechua communities on two sides of a gorge join together to build a bridge out of grass, creating a form of ancient infrastructure that dates back at least five centuries to the Inca Empire.

Why is the bridge at Q Eswachaka rebuilt every year?

To ensure the strength and safety of these rope bridges, they were maintained once a year by local villagers replacing the natural ropes and repairing damages to the wood. This old Inca tradition still lives on, even though just in one place in Peru and at one specific date each year.

What did the Incas invent?

The Inca Empire built a huge civilization in the Andes mountains of South America. Some of their most impressive inventions were roads and bridges, including suspension bridges, and their communication system called quipu, a system of strings and knots that recorded information.

How did they make rope bridges in the old days?

To construct the bridge, grass called q’oya is harvested and then prepared to be woven into large cables beginning with small cord which is twisted together from the local grass. These cords are then twisted to form a larger rope and the ropes are then braided to create the main cable.

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