How many holidays does Bolivia have?

What are the main holidays of Bolivia?

Public Holidays

  • Año Nuevo (New Year’s Day) January 1.
  • Día del Estado Plurinacional (Celebrates new constitution) January 22.
  • Carnaval February/March.
  • Semana Santa (Good Friday) March/April.
  • Día del Trabajo (Labor Day) May 1.
  • Corpus Christi May/June.
  • Año Nuevo Andino Amazónico y del Chaco (Andean New Year) June 21.

What are important dates in Bolivia?

Events and festivals in Bolivia

  • Aymara New Year – 21st June – Tiwanaku Ruins. …
  • San Juan – June 23rd. …
  • Oruro Carnival- February and March. …
  • Fiesta de Gran Poder – May and June – La Paz.

Which country has more holidays?

Malaysia. Malaysia has many public holidays each year. Employees are typically entitled to 14-24 days of annual leave and 30 days medical leave.

Which country has the most public holidays in Asia?

In Asia, Cambodia enjoys the most number of non – working days with 28 public holidays in a year, according to date collected by the World Atlas. The country uses traditional Khmer calendar for the Buddhist holidays and syncs it with solar calendar for other business holidays.

Which country has highest public holidays?

Iran has the most public holidays of any country in the world with 27 days in 2021. Sri Lanka, with 25 days, and Cambodia, with 21, also have some of the most. Japan has changed the dates of some of its public holidays this year because of the Olympics. The country has 17 public holidays.

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