Is there Coke in Brazil?

Can Coca grow in Brazil?

Authorities discovered the first known coca plantations in Brazil’s jungle at the weekend after satellite images revealed clearings that turned out to be about 2 hectares (5 acres) of coca plantations.

What drugs are in Brazil?

Brazil has recently become a key destination country for cocaine. Indeed, the consumption of cocaine and crack has skyrocketed in the past decade.

Are drugs legal in Brazil?

Under Brazilian law, possessing drugs for personal use is a crime that does not carry a penalty of imprisonment. Those convicted of the charges can be subject to the following penalties: a warning, community service, or attending an educational course.

How many people take drugs in Brazil?

The country today consumes 18% of the world’s yearly supply of the drug, with 2.8 million Brazilians, or 1.4% of the population, snorting or smoking a combined 92,000 kilograms in 2010, according to estimates provided to us by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

What is the most common drug in Brazil?

Marijuana was by far the most commonly used illicit drug, followed by amphetamines, tranquilizers, inhalants and hallucinogens.

Who is the biggest drug lord in Brazil?

Antônio Francisco Bonfim Lopes (born 24 May 1976), also known as “Nem” (short for “nemesis”), is a Brazilian drug lord and one of the leaders of “Amigos dos Amigos”.

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Which country consumes most drug?

Drug Use by Country

  • United States: 5.89%
  • Greenland: 5.63%
  • Mongolia: 5.24%
  • United Kingdom: 5.22%
  • New Zealand: 4.91%
  • Kazakhstan: 4.66%
  • Poland: 4.51%
  • Russia: 4.44%