Question: Are there puffins in Argentina?

Do puffins live in South America?

Geographic range: Puffins breed on seashore areas of North America and Europe. They spend the winter in the waters of the North Atlantic. Habitat: Puffins inhabit rocky seashore areas and islands during the breeding season.

Are puffin Penguins?

Puffins are not actually penguins! They are birds that look similar, but are not the same species. Puffins belong to a family of birds called Alcidae, while penguins belong to the family Spheniscidae; their wings evolved to support different functions. … In addition, puffins have hollow bones like most birds.

What time of year can you see puffins?

When to See Puffins

You can see puffins at their colonies from late April to August, but June and July are the best months to see them as at this time they are busy feeding their single chick.

Where do puffins go in the winter?

“Until just last year, no-one knew for certain where Puffins go during the winter.” A recent study revealed that Puffins from the Isle of May, just off the east coast of Scotland, tend to overwinter in a wide range of places, including the north Atlantic, the North Sea, and as far as the Faroe Islands.

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