What is the nicest city in Argentina?

What are the 5 most important cities in Argentina?

Cities by population

  • Largest cities in Argentina.
  • Buenos Aires.
  • Córdoba.
  • Rosario.
  • Mendoza.
  • Tucumán.
  • La Plata.
  • Mar del Plata.

What is the poorest city in Argentina?

Santiago del Estero’s population reached 100,000 in 1970. The province, however, remained one of the poorest in Argentina, falling further behind. In 1993, the city made international headlines when rioting erupted around the governor’s mansion.

What is Argentina’s second largest city?

Below is a selection of the largest and most important amongst them:

  • Cordoba. Holding the distinction of being the second largest of Argentina’s cities, at an approx pop. …
  • Rosario. …
  • La Plata. …
  • Corrientes. …
  • Neuquen. …
  • San Miguel de Tucuman. …
  • San Antonio de Areco. …
  • Tigre.
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