What is the port in Colombia?

Is Medellin a port?

Medellin Port | Seaport Code: COMED | Colombia.

How many ports does Colombia have?

ports in Colombia (17)

What is the most important port in Colombia?

In 2019, the port of Cienaga handled around 47.5 million metric tons of cargo and it was ranked first among Colombian ports by throughput, followed by the Port of Cartagena, with just under 42 million metric tons.

Does Bogota have a port?

Port of Tumaco has excellent connectivity to regions around it including the capital city of Colombia, Bogota and the western city of Cali, by road and by plane.

Which river has the most commercial traffic in Colombia?

The Magdalena, the fourth-largest river in South America, is navigable for 950 km (590 mi); it carries almost all of Colombia’s river traffic.

What does Cartagena mean in English?

(ˌkɑːtəˈdʒiːnə , Spanish kartaˈxena) noun. a port in NW Colombia, on the Caribbean: centre for the Inquisition and the slave trade in the 16th century; chief oil port of Colombia.

What are the names of the rivers of Colombia?

Colombian Rivers

  • Magdalena river. Río Grande de la Magdalena is the most important waterway and the longest river in Colombia. …
  • Cauca river. The Cauca river is the main tributary of the Magdalena river. …
  • Atrato river. …
  • Amazon river. …
  • Caquetá river. …
  • Putumayo river. …
  • Orinoco river. …
  • Meta river.
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How do Colombia’s rivers help the nation’s economy?

Home to 80% of the nation’s 48 million inhabitants, the river’s basin produces 86% of the nation’s GDP and generates 75% of the country’s agricultural production. The basin accounts for 70% of the country’s hydroelectric energy and 90% of its thermo-electric power. It also provides drinking water for 38 million people.