What part of Medellin should I stay in?

Is downtown Medellin safe?

The areas both directly north or directly west of Plaza Botero (the centerpiece of downtown Medellin) is VERY sketchy. Don’t head that way, even in the daytime. Do not bring much in the way of valuables and cash downtown, be discrete with things like cellphones or cameras.

Is it safe to walk around Medellin at night?

While the area is generally safe by day, at night much of it is a haven of street crime, and wandering around El Centro at night is not a good idea if you want to stay safe in Medellin.

Is Uber safe in Medellin?

Uber is generally known for being a safe way to travel in Medellín and other cities in Colombia. You can see the license plate number of the vehicle before you take the ride. … But if you’re still unsure after you booked an Uber driver, just cancel the ride and ask for another driver.

Where do the rich live in Colombia?

Economy and culture. Rosales is a wealthy neighborhood of Bogotá, Colombia. The neighborhood is known for brick high rises which are from found Carrera Séptima (7th Avenue) to Avenida Circunvalar.

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Does it rain often in Medellin?

Rainfall by Month in Medellín

Medellín has two rainy seasons during the year: April to May and September to November as seen in the following table. During these rainiest months, it typically rains at least 21 days each month. … The driest months in Medellín are typically December, January, February and March.

What is the most expensive city in Colombia?

Bonus City – Cartagena

Cartagena is a crown jewel of Colombian tourism, making it one of the most expensive locations.

Do they speak English in Medellin?

The other major cities, particularly Bogotá and Medellín, aren´t too slack when it comes to speaking English. Luckily enough, the glitzier, partayier areas of Colombia´s two largest cities also happen to speak the most English.

Is Medellin safer than Bogota?

The overall judgment would be that Medellin is considered safer than Bogota. The capital attracts more pickpocketers, thieves, and more areas seem unsafe at night. You need to be cautious and use your good judgment. No matter where you are, just use basic safety precautions, and you will be fine.

Can you drink tap water in Medellin?

Medellin is one of the many cities in Colombia with an excellent water purification system, so the city’s tap water is absolutely safe to drink.

Is Medellin worth visiting?

Naturally, it’s not as cheap as traveling rural areas but compared to other popular cities like Bogota and Cartagena, Medellin is great value for money. It also helps that many of the most popular tourist attractions – Parque Botero, the Botanical Gardens, the Metrocable – are either free or very cheap.

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How many murders were there in Medellin 2019?

The collapse of public security

Medellin’s number of inhabitants grew 44% to 2.3 million between 1993 and 2019 when the medical examiner’s office registered 592 homicides that year, a fraction of those registered in the year Escobar was killed.