Where should I live in South America?

What is the safest country in South America to live?

Why It’s Safe: Chile is ranked the safest country in South America by the Global Peace Index and there are currently no travel warnings or alerts for Chile from the U.S. State Department.

What is the cheapest South American country to live in?

Ecuador is the most affordable country to live in with the best value for your dollar. There are many locations to choose from to live well off of $800 USD per month.

Is it worth living in South America?

A major draw is unquestionably its affordability. South America is quite a cheap continent to live on the whole, certainly when compared to North America or Europe. Medellin is cheap even by South American standards with renting accommodation great value, even if you’re looking to live in the very heart of the city.

How much money do you need to live in South America?

The general frame of reference is Boliva, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru have many low-cost locations where you can live on $800 USD per month comfortably. If your budget extends to $1000 USD per month and up, you will find many locations in Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Uruguay that you can call home.

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How much do I need to retire in South America?

Latin America

In Colombia, you’ll need 2.633 million pesos (about $765 per month), three times the national monthly minimum income. In Peru, Costa Rica, and Panama, you’ll need $1,000 per month—though if you’re a couple, Panama increases that amount by $250, while Peru pushes it higher by $500.

Which South American country has the least crime?

1 – Uruguay

It means the country is the 35th safest place in the world (for reference, the USA is 121). It’s also famous for being the most laid back place on the continent. Beyond being a peaceful country with minimal violent crime and unrest, Uruguay’s geography is such that there is no threat of natural disasters.

Where can I live on $1500 a month?

Best Cities to Retire on a Budget of $1,500 a Month

  • Casper, Wyo. Scroll to continue with content. …
  • Davenport, Iowa. Total Monthly Expenditures: $1,472. …
  • Lubbock, Texas. Total Monthly Expenditures: $1,456. …
  • Lorain, Ohio. Total Monthly Expenditures: $1,442. …
  • Cedar Rapids, Iowa. …
  • Lawton, Okla. …
  • Lynchburg, Va. …
  • Grand Forks, N.D.

What Central American country is the cheapest to live in?

Cheapest Places To Live In Central America

“The cheapest cities in Central America are Granada (Nicaragua), San Jose (Costa Rica), Santa Ana (El Salvador) and Mexico City (Mexico). “ This is based on the notion that by “cheapest”, you mean “ideal for backpackers.”