You asked: How many days do you need in Quito Ecuador?

How much time do you need in Ecuador?

We recommend that you spend between about 8 to 10 days in the Ecuador Andean highlands region of the country. This will allow you to see the best of what this stunning, mountainous region of Ecuador has to offer, without missing out anything you might regret not seeing later.

What can you see in Ecuador in 3 days?

3 Day Quito Itinerary

  • The Historic Center, Plazas, Churches, a Garden & La Ronda Neighborhood. Start with a Free Walking Tour to See Colonial Quito. Jardín Botanico de Quito. …
  • The Middle of the World City, a Museum, an Artisanal Market, and Plaza Foch. Middle of the World City. …
  • Take a Trip to Lake Quilotoa. Lake Quilotoa.

Is Quito Safe 2021?

The short answer is YES, Ecuador is safe, as long as you take proper care. Ecuador is as safe as most other developing countries, and cities like Quito to be as safe as most major cities in the world, but with the general proviso that you should always travel with care and common sense, and be streetwise.

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How safe is Ecuador?

Ecuador is a relatively safe country, and I felt very comfortable traveling as a solo woman. That said, the US State Department discourages travel to Carchi, Sucumbíos, and Esmereldas in the north (the border region with Colombia) due to crime.

How do people spend a month in Ecuador?

Ecuador One Month Itinerary Overview

  1. Day 1: Fly into Quito.
  2. Day 2-3: Quito.
  3. Day 4: Quito & day trip to Pululahua Crater.
  4. Day 5: Travel to Lago Agrio.
  5. Day 6-7: Cuyabeno jungle safari.
  6. Day 8: Travel to Latacunga.
  7. Day 9-11: Quilotoa Loop trek.
  8. Day 12: Cotopaxi Volcano.

Do they speak English in Quito Ecuador?

Ecuador’s official language is Spanish, and there are more than 30 native languages still spoken throughout the country. … People in Quito are usually very amiable, and even though English is spoken in most restaurants and hotels, speaking a bit of Spanish will still give you a taste of our culture.

Is Guayaquil or Quito better?

Guayaquil is very pleasant, although a little dangerous. It is a coastal/port city and popular among visitors. Definitely worth a visit if you’ve been to Quito, but if I had to choose as an either/or I would definitely say Quito. 4.

How much does it cost to retire in Ecuador?

Your Social Security benefit, pension or annuity can go far in Ecuador. A retiring couple can live comfortably for about $1,800 per month. A single person can retire well for around $1,400 per month.

Cost to Retire in Ecuador.

Expenses Cost per Month
Healthcare $65
Miscellaneous $80
Monthly total $1,440
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Is it safe to walk around Quito?

Well, Quito has become significantly safe in the past years. Both, the ministry of Tourism and the municipality of Quito have joined forces to turn the city onto a tourism metropolis. There are police officers at the old town and it is pretty safe to stroll around.

Is Ecuador safer than Mexico?

Ecuador is currently safer than Mexico. The crime rate is somewhat higher in Mexico, and is especially bad in known tourist hotspots, such as Tijuana. … Mexico has safe resort towns that have less crime than Ecuadorian cities, but these resorts also make it more difficult to enjoy an authentic cultural exchange.

What alcohol is Ecuador known for?

If you want to expose your throat to something a little more painful, have a shot of aguardiente — Spanish for “fire water” — a strong spirit (60-100 proof, or more if it’s homemade) made from fermented sugarcane and all but officially considered the national liquor of Ecuador.