Your question: How many animals are there in Argentina?

Does Argentina have leopards?

The Andean mountain cat, sometimes called the “snow leopard” of the Andes, is an elusive species found only at high elevations of the Andean region in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Peru. … While the species is known to be rare, no one knows how many individuals survive in the wild.

How are animals treated in Argentina?

Argentina was the first country to grant rights of personhood to an orangutan and a chimpanzee. Animal mistreatment and cruelty are considered misdemeanors under the criminal code and Ley 14346, and can be reported to the police or to the prosecutor’s office by any person.

Who is the most famous person from Argentina?

5 Influential People of Argentina

  1. Eva Peron (1919 – 1952) Famous for: First Lady of Argentina, Eva Peron Foundation and Female Peronist Party. …
  2. Juan Peron (1895 – 1974) Famous for: President of Argentina from 1946 to 1955 and again from 1973 – 1974. …
  3. Che Guevara (1928 – 1967) …
  4. Diego Maradona (1960 – ) …
  5. Lionel Messi (1987 – )

Are there Jaguars in Argentina?

Only 200 to 300 jaguars remain in the country. They have been declared “natural monuments.” “That is the highest category of protection that can be given in Argentina,” says Sebastián Di Martino.

What are 5 common animals in Argentina?

Visitors can expect to find foxes, otters, deer, cougars, the llama-like guanaco, swans, condors, cormorants, parakeets, hummingbirds, and other wildlife.

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Does Argentina have laws protecting animals?

Argentina’s Animal Protection Law 14346, dating back from 1954, prohibits abuse and cruelty to animals.