Your question: What animals live in Lake Titicaca?

Does Lake Titicaca have fish?

Lake Titicaca has two native fish genera: Orestias, which are called killifishes, and Trichomycterus, a type of catfish. There are two catfish species in the lake and at least 23 species of killifish, though some studies put the number much higher.

Are there predators in Lake Titicaca?

Animals of Lake Titicaca

Andean fox, also known as Culpeo is a predator that likes to attack different species. Sometimes it attacks sheep and because of that often hunted or poisoned by the locals.

What populations live on Lake Titicaca?

Today approximately 2 million people live in the immediate vicinity of Lake Titicaca. This has put high demands on all of the resources of the lake, the shore areas and the adjoining land.

What kind of fish live in Lake Titicaca?

What does Titicaca mean in English?

The name Titicaca comes from the two Quechua words Titi which means Puma and Caca which means mount, this name is a reminder of the felines that lived many centuries ago in the vicinity of the territory. …

Why are Totora houses built on the lake?

The Uros use totora not only to make their floating islands, but to build their houses and boats. They burn it for warmth and eat its green roots. … When they entertained their first tourists five years ago, they fed the Dutch couple small, bony lake fish that the foreigners couldn’t eat.

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Are there piranhas in Lake Titicaca?

Titicaca’s aquatic inhabitants

The most common fish – the carachi – is a small piranha-like specimen. Trout also arrived in the lake, after swimming up the rivers, during the first or second decade of the twentieth century.

Is Lake Titicaca a volcano?

One of seventeen remaining ancient lakes in the world, Lake Titicaca is thought to be three million years old, a remnant of Lago Ballivian, an inland sea that disappeared amid the volcanic shifts and eruptions that formed the Altiplano.