Did a volcano erupt in Ecuador?

Did a volcano erupt in Ecuador today?

Ecuador’s Sangay volcano erupted on Thursday, spewing clouds of ash as high as 8,500 meters (about 28, 890 feet) into the sky. … The Sangay volcano has recorded activity over the past few weeks, and ash spurted from the volcano has damaged crops and cattle in several areas.

When was the last volcano eruption in Ecuador?


Name Meters Last Eruption
Corazón 4790 Holocene
Cotacachi 4944 Holocene
Cotopaxi 5897 2015
Cuicocha 3246 950 BCE

What volcano is erupting in Ecuador right now?

Ecuador’s Tungurahua volcano has erupted, spewing ash and smoke into the air, in a number of fiery explosions. Volcanologists have described the volcano’s activity as moderate-high, and expect the eruptions to continue for some days.

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