Frequent question: What is the driest place in South America?

Which is the wettest place in South America?

Wettest Location

The recognized record for South America’s rainiest place is Quibdo, Colombia, which on average receives 8,990 millimetres (354 inches) of precipication annually.

Which country has no rainfall?

The world’s lowest average yearly precipitation in 0.03″ (0.08 cm) during a 59-year period at Arica Chile. Lane notes that no rainfall has ever been recorded at Calama in the Atacama Desert, Chile.

Which country never has rain?

The driest place on Earth is in Antarctica in an area called the Dry Valleys, which have seen no rain for nearly 2 million years. There is absolutely no precipitation in this region and it makes up a 4800 square kilometer region of almost no water, ice or snow.

What is the main religion in South America?

Religion in South America has been a major influence on art, culture, philosophy and law. Christianity is the main religion, with Roman Catholics having the most adherents. Sizeable minorities of non-religious people and adherents of other religions are also present.

What is the hottest city in Argentina?

Rivadavia, Argentina

View of Comodoro Rivadavia, in the Patagonian province of Chubut, Argentina, on September 11, 2019. Rivadavia claimed the highest temperature recorded in South America, reporting 120 degrees in December 1905, according to the WMO.

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