How much forest has been lost in Brazil?

How much forest is lost in Brazil alone?

Nearly four million acres of primary forest was lost in Brazil alone. Commercial activities like ranching, mining, and soy production were big drivers of that forest loss.

How much forest is lost each year in Brazil?

Measured rates

Period Estimated remaining forest cover in the Brazilian Amazon (km2) Annual forest loss (km2)
2015 3,330,689 6,207
2016 3,322,796 7,893
2017 3,315,849 6,947
2018 3,307,949 7,900

How much of Brazil has been deforested?

In 2019, 10,129 km2 of forest was clear-cut, an increase of 34% compared to 2018 (7,536 km2). In 2020, the Brazilian Amazon Deforestation Monitoring Program (PRODES; see Supplementary Information) estimated deforestation of 11,088 km2 based on 45% of the monitored area.

How many trees has Brazil lost?

From 2001 to 2020, Brazil lost 59.8Mha of tree cover, equivalent to a 12% decrease in tree cover since 2000, and 32.5Gt of CO₂e emissions.

Where is deforestation the worst 2020?

Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon has hit the highest annual level in a decade, a new report has shown, despite increasing global concern over the accelerating devastation since President Jair Bolsonaro took office in 2019.

Why is the Brazil rainforest being destroyed?

The ever-growing human consumption and population is the biggest cause of forest destruction due to the vast amounts of resources, products, services we take from it. … Direct human causes of deforestation include logging, agriculture, cattle ranching, mining, oil extraction and dam-building.

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How much Amazon rainforest is destroyed each day?

Unbelievably, more than 200,000 acres of rainforest are burned every day. That is more than 150 acres lost every minute of every day, and 78 million acres lost every year! More than 20 percent of the Amazon rainforest is already gone, and much more is severely threatened as the destruction continues.