How much is Argentina education?

Does Argentina have good education system?

Generally speaking, Argentina’s school system has a fairly good reputation internationally. At just under 98%, the country has one of the highest levels of literacy among all Latin American countries. In Argentina, education starts at the pre-primary level with kindergarten for children aged two to five.

Is education in Argentina free?

Tertiary education in Argentina is free for those attending state universities. The University of Buenos Aires is free, well known and highly respected. Private universities charge tuition fees that vary depending on the institution.

What is the cost of education in Argentina?

Tuition costs in public universities is free, however to attend a private university in Argentina it will cost students between $5,000 on the low end of the spectrum and can extend upward to $15,500 per year to earn an undergraduate degree. Undergraduate programs and some graduate programs are tuition free.

How is school like in Argentina?

The school year in Argentina runs from March to December and lasts about 200 days. Schools are closed for national holidays, such as Good Friday and Easter, and two weeks in July for vacation. Normally, public elementary schools are in session four and a half hours each weekday.

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Do students wear uniforms in Argentina?

Argentine state schools have not required school uniforms. Primary schools required children to wear white smocks, but under the smocks the chikdren could wear their own clothes. Argentina is one of the Latin American countries with the most European look.

What is the highest paying job in Argentina?

Top Argentina Salaries – By Job

The highest paid Argentina are Financial Services professionals at $88,000 annually. The lowest paid Argentina are Programme & Project Management professionals at $22,000.

What degrees does Argentina have?

There are three types of degrees for international students to pursue in Argentina: undergraduate, graduate, or specialty degrees. A graduate or specialty degree typically only takes one to two years to complete in Argentina, while an undergraduate degree can take three to four.

Is studying in Argentina cheap?

How much does it cost to study in Argentina? Undergraduate degrees in public universities are tuition-free for international students. Private universities, however, cost $3,000 to $20,000 annually. Post-graduate degrees cost anywhere from $2,300 to $27,000 per year.

Can I study in English in Argentina?

Why study in Argentina

Studying an English-taught degree in Argentina will offer you better paid job opportunities in the country or abroad. Compared to other international study destinations, Argentina offers more affordable Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.

How much does it cost to study medicine in Argentina?

The tuition fees in government universities in Argentina are free while attending a private one would cost you $5,000 as a minimum and $15,500 as a maximum per year to earn a degree. The fees of the bachelor and postgraduate study programs are free.

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What subjects are taught in Argentina?

The curriculum includes mathematics, Spanish, social studies, basic science, art, music, and physical education. About 10 percent of the primary schools are private and enroll 18 percent of the age group.