Is Lama found in South America?

Do Peruvians eat llamas?

In the Andean plateau, llama meat is usually preserved by drying it in the sun. To this day it is an important source of protein. You should also try it with olluco (a root vegetable), as charqui (jerky), or with rice, a nourishing daily classic.

Do llamas like humans?

BEHAVIOR. Llamas are well-socialized, very friendly and pleasant to be around. They are extremely curious and most will approach people easily.

What is the purpose of a lama?

Llamas are multi-purpose animals. For centuries the llama hair has been used for handicrafts, rope and clothing. Their hides have been used by the Andean Indians to make sandals and their meat is dried and consumed for nourishment. Even llama dung is used as a source of fire and warmth.

Why are llamas decorated in Peru?

They are ‘exceptionally well-preserved’ and were likely killed over 500 years ago according to the team that found them, and they were decorated with the marks of a ritual offering ahead of a harvest or event.

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