What garment is a cultural symbol of Colombia?

What is Colombian culture known for?

Music is a very important part of Colombian culture, with Cumbia and Vallenato enjoyed country-wide. Shakira is famously from this Latin American country, as is Nobel Prize winner Gabriel Garcia Marquez, a famous figure in Colombian literature. Colombian art is often synonymous with Fernando Botero.

What are the cultural characteristics of Colombia?

The Colombian culture reflects the intermixing of Indian, Spanish, and African traditions. This fusion is seen in their crafts, folklore, music, and sculpture. Music incorporates the African rhythms of the Caribbean, Cuban salsa, and Spanish-influenced Andean music.

What are the three cultural influences in Colombian culture?

The culture of Colombia is as varied as its landscape. While little trace remains of native, indigenous tribes, most Colombians are descended from one of three ethnic groups – European, Asian or native Indian. At least 75% of the population claim mixed racial origins, three quarters of whom live in the cities.

What is considered rude in Colombia?

It is rude to speak with your hands in your pockets or chew gum with your mouth open. Slouching and leaning against things is bad form. Punctuality is not tight in Colombia. Expect people to follow a looser “tiempo colombiano” (Colombian time) for social and casual engagements.

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