What type of religion did the Inca believe in?

Was the Inca religion polytheistic or monotheistic?

Religion and Architecture

The Incas practiced a polytheistic religion, meaning they had multiple gods, and believed that the Sapa Inca was the heir of a god and therefore a god as well. Just as the Sapa Inca was divine, Cusco was considered to be the center of the universe and a spiritually sacred place.

Was the Inca religion polytheistic?

Just as with other ancient peoples you’ve studied, the Inca were polytheistic. That means that they believed in and worshiped many, many gods and goddesses. One important part of their religious worship was their many religious festivals. … Inti, the Inca sun god.

What did the Incas do with their dead?

The Inca civilization of Peru, as with many other ancient Andean cultures, mummified many of their dead and buried them with valuable materials such as precious metal jewellery, fine pottery, and sumptuous textiles.

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