When did Argentina gain its independence?


How did Argentina become free?

July 9, 2016, marks the 200th anniversary of Argentina’s declaration of independence from Spain. … On July 9, 1816, they declared the country independent under the name of the United Provinces of the Río de la Plata. Several years of hard fighting followed before the Spanish royalists were defeated in northern Argentina.

What is the most celebrated holiday in Argentina?

It has a land area of 2,780,400 square kilometers and a population of 44.27 million. National holidays such as Truth & Justice Memorial Day, Malvinas Day, Independence Day, and major festive holidays such as New Year’s Day and Christmas Day are the most popular holidays in Argentina.

How many people died in the Argentine war for independence?

103 killed and 433 wounded of 3,700 men engaged. the country independent and adopted a constitution.

Is Argentina located in Europe?

Argentina is a vast country located in the southern part of South America. The eighth largest country in the world, it is the second largest country in South America after Brazil, and it’s about one-third the size of the United States. Argentina is bordered by the Andes Mountains and Chile to the west.

What is the motto of Argentina?

Argentina’s motto — “Less salt, more life”

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