Which area code is 223 in Guyana?

Where is the code 223 from?

Telephone numbers in Mali

Country calling code +223
International call prefix 00
Trunk prefix n/a

What is the 032 area code?

Telephone Area Codes Sri Lanka

Area Code
Polonnaruwa 027
Negombo 031
Chilaw 032
Gampaha 033

What does 592 mean in Guyana?

Country Code: +592

International Call Prefix: 001. National Significant Numbers (NSN): seven digits. The numbering plan for Guyana recently changed.

What area code is 570 belong to?

The 570 area code covers the northeastern portion of the state serving communities such as Scranton, Williamsport and Wilkes-Barre.

How can I find area code?

Step 1: Visit and login to https://incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in. Step 2: Click on ‘Profile Settings’ and click on ‘My profile’ as shown below. Step 3: Click on ‘PAN Card’, and it will display all the details along with the details of Area Code, AO Type, Range Code, AO Number, and Jurisdiction, as shown below.

How do I call someone in Guyana?

Guyana country code: +592

To call Guyana simply dial your exit country code, the Guyana country code and the area phone code shown below, all before your local number.

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