Why do people in Venezuela protest?

What is the main reason behind Venezuela’s constitutional crisis?

2017 Venezuelan constitutional crisis

Part of Crisis in Venezuela
The Supreme Tribunal of Justice (TSJ) meeting on 28 March 2017.
Location Venezuela
Cause National Assembly is dissolved and stripped of legislative powers and parliamentary immunity. Supreme Court assumes control of legislative powers.

Why is Venezuela banned in America?

U.S. sanctions are designed to ensure that Maduro and his cronies don’t profit from illegal gold mining, state-operated oil operations, or other business transactions that would enable the regime’s criminal activity and human rights abuses.

What is the most violent country in the world?

With that said, let’s move down to the 25 most dangerous countries in the world.

  • Democratic Republic of Congo. …
  • Nigeria. …
  • Mali. …
  • Central African Republic. …
  • Iraq. Political Stability Score: -2.56. …
  • Afghanistan. Political Stability Score: -2.65. …
  • Yemen. Political Stability Score: -2.77. …
  • Papua New Guinea. Political Stability Score: -0.83.

Is Venezuela safe to live?

Crime. There is a high threat from violent crime and kidnapping throughout Venezuela, which has one of the highest murder rates in the world. Armed robbery, mugging, carjacking, and burglary are all common and are often accompanied by extreme levels of violence – do not resist an attacker.

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Is Venezuela a poor country?

Venezuela is the most poverty-stricken country in Latin America. The nation’s position in poverty has led to Venezuelan citizens requiring aid from the United States, more so than any nation in Latin America.

Is Venezuela a dictatorship?

Venezuela has a presidential government. The Economist Intelligence Unit rated Venezuela an “authoritarian regime” in 2020, having the lowest score among countries in the Americas.

Who does the US recognize as president of Venezuela?

The United States recognizes Interim President Juan Guaidó as the legitimate President of Venezuela. President Guaidó and the legitimate National Assembly were elected freely in 2015 by the people of Venezuela.